Types of Sewing Machines

Mechanical models – Basic Machine These basic machines are great for beginners or someone who only needs a sewing machine once in a while. They require the setting to be change manually and will only do the basic stitches. A basic sewing machine don’t have to be expensive, many sell for under $200.
Electronic  Sewing Machines Electronic sewing machines have small electronic controls or computers built in to them. They allows the user to make changes quickly through a small control panel or LCD screen. These units are much higher quality and can do hundreds of stitches with a flip of the switch or touch of the screen. Many functions that took many steps before can be done now with just a simple setting, like making a button hole.  Electronic sewing machines do cost more to purchase, but if you sew a lot you make want to consider this type of machine.
Embroidery Sewing MachinesEmbroidery sewing machines can do even more than their electronic brothers. They can sew pre-programmed designs on almost any type of clothe. These design can be built in or come on a memory card or CD/DVD, they can even be hooked up to your computer and download new designs and projects from the Internet. Many of the designs can be loaded on your computer and changed to your liking. Once you have made that new design just right, you simply download the new design directly to the embroidery machine via direct connect, USB drive or Floppy Drive on older models. Load your material and first thread color and away you go, the machine will let you know when it’s time to change thread color. The best thing about this machine is they can also be used as a plain old sewing machine when needed.  They are one the most expensive kinds of sewing machines and can cost a couple of thousand dollars to buy, but they can do a whole lot more than the basic dozen stitches or so of the basic sewing machine.

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